Gas Development Corporation (GDC) was founded in 1994 to identify, evaluate and participate in the development of gas reserves through drilling in Western Oklahoma.

The primary objective of GDC is to locate opportunities for investment for its principals. Typically, GDC's principals take approximately $100,000 of an investment opportunity in any one prospect, and investment dollars in excess of this amount are sold to industry partners/investors. GDC plans to assemble and participate in twenty to forty prospects each year with an aggregate investment of $5,000,000. GDC’s principals will invest approximately $2,500,000 in these opportunities, and the remainder will be available for industry partners/investors.

Whether a single-well or a multiple-well opportunity, GDC strives to minimize risk and maximize return while building oil and gas assets, at the same time spreading exposure by offering a number of economically viable opportunities.

Contact information for Gas Development Corporation:

Address:    4527 East 91st Street, Tulsa, OK 74137

Phone:        918-523-9090

Fax:            918-523-9093



GDC takes an engineering approach to identifying potential drilling locations. This process involves isolating trends by using substantial data to prepare maps providing enough control points to select the potential location. Engineering analysis reviews production and pressure data from offset wells and projects the reserves associated with the prospect. The potential reserves determine whether the prospect has acceptable economics for GDC participation.

GDC monitors the operator filings with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and the Texas Railroad Commission to identify the opportunities that meet GDC's economic criteria. While this process is labor intensive, it is quickly rewarding. Once an order is issued by the commission, a well proposal soon follows. At this point, GDC will begin negotiations to obtain an interest in the property.

GDC has acquired interests in more than one thousand drilling wells since it was founded, and these opportunities have resulted in a 96% success rate of completion. We currently have more than fifty active prospects.



GDC has assembled the requisite skills to identify and gain participation in gas prospects in Western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. These professionals also have the knowledge and experience to evaluate and make oil and gas acquisitions as opportunities occur. Please review their resumes below.

The personnel necessary to administer and account for our oil and gas investments is also on staff. We use outside professionals to assist in determining lease ownership, legal matters, and tax accounting. In summary, GDC has a substantial base of expertise that provides the necessary services to conduct business at a reasonable cost.

If you or your company is interested in knowing more about Gas Development Corporation and in the investment opportunities that we have available, please contact us.

Kirt D. Fryer

B.S., Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa, 1978

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Kirt D. Fryer is founder of Gas Development Corporation, a company formed to enable its owners and employees to invest in oil and gas properties through drilling and acquisitions. Prior to his involvement in GDC, Mr. Fryer generated and drilled more than 100 natural gas prospects, generating over $100 million in reserves and tax credits (tight gas certifications).

Barbara Courtney Long

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Professional Affiliations:

  • American Association of Petroleum Landmen
  • Tulsa Association of Petroleum Landmen
  • Petroleum Club
  • Jim L. Edwards

    B.S., Business Admin., Fort Hays University, 1974

    M.S., Systems Mgmt. Eng., University of Southern California, 1980

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    Employed to evaluate the engineering and geologic risks and merits of oil and gas prospect leads that fit within GDC's business model and economic return profile. Recommend potential drilling prospects that meet investor needs and interests. Twenty-five years of industry experience.


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